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Our Story and Mission

Our parent company, Metrowest Healthcare Training Center, Inc., was founded in 2007 with its primary mission to train healthcare workers to help address the staffing shortages that healthcare facilities were experiencing and continue to face. For over 11 years, we have trained over 1,000 students who are working in most healthcare facilities across Massachusetts and other parts of the United States.

When the COVID-19 pandemic surged in the United States, healthcare facilities saw a rise in staffing shortages and put a strain on them. Over time, it has skyrocketed and staff members are working very long shifts and getting very few hours of rest. Patient safety and quality care have declined in some facilities due to staff shortages.

In late 2020, the management came up with a plan to train over 500 Nurses Aides by the end of 2021 and supply them to healthcare facilities. These Aides will be used for staffing shortages and or be recruited at a fee by nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

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