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Helping the healthcare industry thrive through reliable staffing solutions.

Our goal at CNA Finder Solutions is to maintain and improve the standard and efficiency of care by matching our client’s standard and goals with the competent and committed healthcare professionals. Our extensive network of outstanding candidates is carefully selected to meet the rigorous hiring requirements of our clients. Our healthcare professionals are well-trained to accommodate their staffing needs, whether they be short-term or long-term assignments, in different settings. We handle the recruitment and placement processes so our clients can focus on providing quality care and not worry about last-minute staffing emergencies.

Hire Therapists

We recruit physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs) and respiratory therapists (RTs) with the experience to deliver top-quality care at your facility.

Hire Speech-Language Pathologists

Save valuable time and resources by quickly and efficiently finding the right speech-language pathologist (SLP) talent for your facility.

Hire Psychologists

We offer recruiting and staffing services for qualified, professional psychologists for schools and other healthcare facilities.

Hire Nutritionists

We’ll handle hiring and placing nutritionists on your team so you can keep focus on delivering top patient care and save the search effort.

Hire Audiologists

Where there’s a growing need of audiologists, All American is answering the call with access to talent well versed in hearing and balance issues.

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