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We help healthcare agencies meet their care goals.

CNA Finder Solutions acknowledges the rapid growth of patient care needs in the country. To address this, we promote quality staffing services with recruitment standards that help alleviate unique and critical staffing problems. Our growing network of proficient registered nurses (RNs) can cover every shift for our clients, meet their staffing compliance requirements, uphold care standards, and exceed expectations. Our clients are assured of the quality of patient care delivered by our recruits as they are well-trained and certified to meet their standards and excel in the industry.

Use Case: Same Day Onboarding*

Staffing emergencies happen all the time. We’re here to make sure you’re ready to handle them smoothly so that you maintain coverage and your high standards of patient care.

Onboarding Begins

  • 10:00AM

    A nursing home staffing or hospital director contacts CNA Finder Solutions. They had a last-minute callout and have an immediate need to fill a 3:00pm to 11:00pm shift that afternoon.

  • 11:00am

    A CNA Finder Solutions account manager has provided a quote and sent a new client agreement. The staffing director signs and returns the contract.

  • 11:30am

    CNA Finder Solutions scheduler emails, texts and calls their segmented network of professionals in the area surrounding the nursing home/hospital, alerting them of an open position available that day.

  • 12:30pm

    A qualified candidate responds and accepts the shift. They are provided all the details they need about the assignment.

  • 2:30PM

    Staff arrives at the nursing home.

Shift Begins

*Onboarding times may vary